Brass Pipe Fittings

• Typical Applications
Used with Brass, bronze, copper, steel, aluminum and iron pipe. Manufactured for use in low to medium pressure line work. Some uses includes water, refrigeration, instrumentation, hydraulic systems, grease, fuels, LP and Natural gas.

• Pressure
Used in low to medium pressure applications. Bar stock and extruded fittings up to 3/4" NPT have a maximum operating pressure up to 1200 PSI.

• Vibration
Fair resistance to pipe movement and vibration.

• Construction
One piece construction. Available in barstock or forgings. All pipe threads are "American Standard Taper Pipe Threads".

• Material
Machined from CA360 or CA345 brass rod. Forgings are machined from CA377 brass. All pipe fittings are made with American Dryseal Pipe Threads (NPT).

• Temperature Range
-65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C).

• Conformance
Meets specifications and standards of ASA, ASME and SAE.

• “LP” at the END of a Part# means Light Pattern
These fittings are completely interchangeable with full pattern fittings, but have been modified in some way. This modification is usually in the length of the pipe threads. Used in plumbing and light industrial applications.

• Assembly Instructions
Tighten approximately 2-1/2 - 3 turns past hand tight.
Teflon tape or pipe sealing compound should be used to ensure a leak-proof joint.

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