Brass Poly Fittings

Three piece construction nut, sleeve and body.
Use with copper, aluminum, plastic or nylon tubing.
(copper, aluminum and nylon tubing requires a brass sleeve).
BRASS POLY Fittings do not cause twisting or weakening of the tube, and can stand maximum movement of the tubes.
All fittings come pre-assembled with a fixed insert in the body of the fitting which saves from 36 to 93 of the installation time.

Temperature Range with a Nylon Sleeve: -40 F to 225 F
Temperature Range with a Brass Sleeve: -65 F to 325 F
Material of Shapes (Elbow, Tees): Brass CA 377
Material of Straights: Brass CA 360
Material of Sleeves: Brass/Nylon
Compatible Tubing: Soft Metal, Polyethylene or Nylon Tubing.

Simply click on the picture of the fitting to see a table of prices and sizes available.
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