Nickel Plated Brass Push-to Connect Fittings

Push to Connect Fittings are made with an inner nitrile O-Ring and elastic grab ring with radial claws. Simply push the tubing in for an instant seal. To release, push on the push-sleeve and the tubing easily slides out.

Nickel plated brass is just that…it is regular brass that is covered by a thin layer of nickel through electroplating. Nickel plating is corrosion resistant, it looks pretty and won't tarnish.

Plating: Nickel
Temperature Range: -40º F to 212º F
Threads: NPTF Standard
Recommended Tubing: Polyethylene, Polyurethane 95A Durometer and Nylon. Material of Shapes (Elbow, Tees): Brass CA 377
Material of Straights: Brass CA 360
Working Pressure: This fitting is suitable for for use up to the maximum working pressure of the recommended plastic tubing.

Simply click on the picture of the fitting to see a table of prices and sizes available.
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