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Tube 90 Elbow Adapter

Item# LG92PC
Push to Connect Fittings are made with an inner nitrile O-Ring and elastic grab ring with radial claws. Simply push the tubing in for an instant seal. To release, push on the push-sleeve and the tubing easily slides out.

Fluid Type: Air Only
Working Pressure: 0 - 150 PSI
Working Temperature: 32 - 140F
Applicable Tubing: Nylon and Polyurethane
Construction: Nickel Plated Brass and Composite plastic components
Mounting holes for easy installation

Tube 90 Elbow
Nickel Plated Brass Tube
LG92PC-532 5/32 2.15
LG92PC-4 1/4 2.25
LG92PC-5 5/16 2.40
LG92PC-6 3/8 2.65
LG92PC-8 1/2 2.97

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