Pneumatic Air / Water Hose Crimper

Pneumatic Air / Water Hose Crimper
The Ferrule Vise Crimper is an ideal solution for light duty repetitive hose crimping. With a wide variety of available dies (not included) in either ribbed or smooth configuration, these crimpers will consistently produce good looking accurate crimps time after time. Positive over center action assures a consistent and repeatable crimp diameter with no need for adjustment. The rugged cast iron frame and base is designed to provide years of dependable service. Both the manual J660 and the pneumatic 670-T crimper models have mounting holes which permit them to be securely mounted to a workbench.

Here is a list of all the available dies for the J660 & 670-T ferrule vise crimper.

The manufacturer has been raising prices like crazy. So we will have to quote you at the time of sale. Please send us an email for a price quote.

Take a look at our Manual Ferrule Vise Crimper.
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