Brass Compression Fittings: Align Nut with SleeveZoom

Brass Compression Fittings: Align Nut with Sleeve

Item# 61
Two piece construction nut & sleeve.
Sleeve and nut are permanently attached.
Sleeve is visible after installation, helping to eliminate misaligned sleeves.
Use with copper, aluminum, or plastic tubing.
(Plastic tubing requires 295 insert.)
Temperature range: -65 to +250 F.
Quicker assembly than regular compression or flare fittings.
Better vibration resistance than regular compression.
Easy to disassemble, no flaring tool required.
Primary uses: water, gasoline, oil and vacuum lines.
Can be used anywhere a regular compression fitting is used , especially when installation may be difficult.

Align Nut with Sleeve
61x2 1/8 1.10
61x3 3/16 1.37
61x4 1/4 1.60
61x5 5/16 2.03
61x6 3/8 1.40
61x8 1/2 2.80
61x10 5/8 6.53
61x12 3/4 6.90

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