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Blue Plus Air Hose Assemblies

Item# BBH
Blue Plus Rubber Air Hose
Designed to offer the best of both worlds - the exceptional cold weather flexibility, durability & premium feel of high-end rubber hoses, and the lightweight comfort of premium hybrid hoses.

40% Lighter Rubber Air Hose
Ultralight, super strong rubber - resists abrasion and kinks.
Flexibility in extreme conditions from -50F to 190F
Constructed with high strength polyester braided reinforcement
4 finger grip bend restrictor for better ergonomics
Extreme ozone resistance provides protection from extreme weather

A lightweight, economical general purpose hose for carrying air, water, and many spray solutions. Blue Plus Air Hose Assemblies are suitable for a wide range of industrial, construction, agricultural hand sprayers, and many multipurpose applications. Hose is blue in color.

1/4 Blue Plus Air Hose Assemblies
BBH-4x25 1/4 25 ft. 46.76
BBH-4x50 1/4 50 ft. 76.28
BBH-4x100 1/4 100 ft. 139.18
3/8 Blue Plus Air Hose Assemblies
BBH-6x25 3/8 25 ft. 56.50
BBH-6x50 3/8 50 ft. 101.96
BBH-6x100 3/8 100 ft. 187.18
1/2 Blue Plus Air Hose Assemblies
BBH-8x25 1/2 25 ft. 68.84
BBH-8x50 1/2 50 ft. 120.60
BBH-8x100 1/2 100 ft. 227.02
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